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5 Best Car Care Tips

By March 10, 2022January 25th, 2023Auto Insurance, Safety
5 best car care tips

Owning a car is something most people will have out of necessity at least once in their life. Cars are an investment, and we want to make sure we take care of our investments. Taking car of your care will make sure your car takes care of you. Here are 5 of the best car care tips to make your vehicle stays in prime condition.

Regularly Check Fluids

Checking your oil should be as important as putting gas in your car. One of the biggest recommendations is to check your oil once a week while waiting on your gas to pump. This is a great way to stay on top of making sure your car does not have any oil leaks or burning oil too quickly. With newer cars there are sensors to tell you when you should change your oil, however, sometimes they are not accurate, or they can go bad. This is a great thing to teach a new driver to make as a habit.

Check Tire Pressure

If tires are not properly inflated, this can cause many issues. Not only do you end up using more fuel than normal, but you also run the risk of causing more hazardous driving conditions for yourself. Be safe and make sure your tire pressure is always correct.

Stay on Schedule for Tire Rotations and Alignments

One of the biggest issues with tire wear is them wearing unevenly. This happens if your cars alignment is off, or your tires have not been rotated regularly. Staying on top of your regular rotations and alignments can help ensure you get the most life out of your tires as possible.

Regular Filter Changes

Make sure you are regularly changing your filters. Almost all cars have cabin filters to help with air quality in the cabin of the car. This is important not only for your car but for you and your passenger’s health.

Regular Car Washes

Our vehicles are constantly subjected to different environmental conditions and elements. Especially in colder environments where road salt is needed for majority of the year. Keep a regular car washing schedule will help prevent any issues such as rust from happening.

Bonus: Check your Insurance Policy

I know we said 5 but who would we be without mentioning car insurance? Make sure that your policy has the correct coverage for you and your vehicle. This can change with different life factors. Staying up to date and correct coverage on your car insurance can save you money and headache.

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