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6 FAQ’s: Answered

By April 28, 2023Personal Insurance

Sometimes agents get a lot of the same questions daily. We asked our agents what their most frequently asked questions are to answer them here for you! Insurance isn’t one size fits all so some of your answers will be more specific to the client but these will give you a general idea of what could be going on.

Why is my insurance so high? 

Insurance is collective. Many factors, mostly claims, go into rate increases. Some of those factors include an increase in annual mileage, accidents, violations on driving history, claims, limits, deductibles, demographics, type of car, etc.

Why did my rates go up?

A couple of things can be at play here. Rates can typically go up if rates are raised state wise, if there were any claims, change in vehicle, new driver added, change in home renovations, inflation affecting the cost to repair or replace, and much more. Each policy will have its own reason why rates increase, but generally it is caused by a life change, rate increases at a state level, claims, inflation increases, etc.

How long is that accident on my record?

Minor accidents and tickets are typically surcharged for three years. Major traffic violations can affect your insurance for five years! Stay alert and safe to avoid violations. It will save you money. ūüėČ

Does it matter if my kids aren’t on my insurance?

If your child has their license, we absolutely must list them on your policy. Failure to do so could cause your policy to be cancelled or a claim to be denied. 

Can you insure my house if my roof is 30 years old?

The age of your roof directly can have an impact on the eligibility of your homeowner’s policy. It’s best for us to talk and extensively explore your options if you have an older home. I’m sure we have a policy that can fit your needs.

Can I get a quote?

Of Course! We offer many options for you to start a quote. You can start a quote online at, give us a call at 770-720-1314, email us at, or on our Providence Insurance App!

Even though we cannot give you an exact answer to your situation, we hope these give you a place to start when speaking to your agent. You can also check out all of our interactive images on Clickable Coverage to answer questions about different policies on our website.