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Insurance Every Wedding Photographer Should Have

Insurance every wedding photographer should have

A wedding photographer captures one of the most important days of peoples lives. They are one of the most significant vendors a couple will choose as they are capturing memories for them to treasure and pass down. On top of a crazy schedule, especially during wedding season, comes the large amount of equipment, liability, and sometimes staff. When running a wedding photography business, even just solo, you need to make sure you have the proper coverage. Here are some of the insurance policies you should carry as a wedding photographer.

Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance)

Professional liability covers the actions, advice, mistakes, and/or omissions of the professional themselves. This policy comes into play if a client files a lawsuit alleging that the professional’s advice has led them to misfortune. This is not the same as general liability. Professional Liability will also cover costs incurred from civil suits; however, it will not cover criminal suits. If you are targeted by a lawsuit against both you and your company, PLI covers both. Professional Liability Policies are not a one size fits all. Contact your agent to make sure you get the proper coverage needed for you and your business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

General liability refers to the policy that most professionals keep active should bodily or personal injury or even damage to property occur while running a business. It’s important to remember that general liability insurance does not cover cases where you are being sued for giving inadequate professional advice, reputation damage, or data loss. General liability will cover you if you damage their property or bodily injury to your client. If you ever meet clients, at their business or yours, physical access to their equipment or the venues equipment, you need general liability insurance. Keep in mind, some venues will not work with you if you do not have a general liability insurance policy.

Equipment Insurance – Inland Marine

As a wedding photographer, you may have quite a bit of expensive equipment you use such as camera, lens, and video camera just to name a few. You want to make sure that is covered incase of a mishap. Equipment Insurance known as inland marine protects your equipment on your property, on the job, or in transit.

Drone Liability Insurance

If you use a Drone for your business, having drone liability insurance is probably a good idea. Unfortunately, Inland Marine insurance does not cover drones. If you use a drone for your photography business, ask your agent about a drone liability policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance protects you against a cyber attack including lost or stolen data. That data includes name, address, payment methods, and photos. Cyber Liability Insurance ensures you are covered and pays out damages to your customers, clients, or suppliers that are affected.

Commercial Property Insurance

Have a brick and mortar studio? You might need commercial property insurance. Commercial property insurance will cover the property in the event of a damage or loss.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Do you have employees that you staff in your photography business? Workers Compensation is a good idea to have. It protects you and your staff in the event that a staff member is injured while on the job.

In conclusion, you may not need every policy listed, but it is a good idea to go over what you may need with your agent to ensure you, your equipment, staff, property, and data are all covered. Depending on if you have staff, a brick and mortar location, or just a solo photographer there are policies to cover you. Check out our infographics for each policy to learn even more! Have more questions? We are here to help! Contact us at (770) 720-1314 or email us at